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Saturn Transit 2023

Updated: Feb 11, 2023


Saturn rules the 10th and 11th houses of Aries, moving from Aries to the 11th house. Because of this zodiac change, the influence of the 11th house, considered your income house, and the transit of Saturn, considered the most beneficial in the 11th house, offer you a lot this year. There are opportunities for your income to increase unexpectedly, and you will receive some from reliable sources this year. The challenges you have endured and the efforts you have made will now bear fruit. All your wishes and ambitions will be fulfilled. Your imperfect plans will be completed and your confidence will return. In a romantic relationship, this is the time to honestly plan and do your part. It is necessary to pay attention to health problems. There are also chances for sudden cash wins. You are in need of some chores at your in-laws house. When you help them, they feel so much better and have a better relationship with their in-laws.


According to the Saturn transit predictions for 2023, Saturn, the possessive planet of the 9th and 10th houses of Taurus, moves out of Taurus into the 10th house. Saturn enters your karmic house from your destiny or house of destiny. Lord of both your destiny and your karmic house, Saturn planet 2023 is a powerful benefactor of opportunity for you, and this Saturn transit in your tenth house brings you unexpected victories. Become a master of action (karma). According to your Saturn transit horoscope for 2023, you can achieve great success in both business and work. Your career has time to stabilize. The new system will increase opportunities for promotion, employment, and business, creating opportunities for business prosperity. I have many opportunities to go abroad for work, and by going abroad, I can continue to grow my business. There will be some strain in family life as you will be spending less time with your family. You must be very busy with work. You will notice problems in your marriage, but you will find yourself trying to ignore them. It's time to do something for your life partner.


Saturn, the possessing planet of the 8th and 9th houses in Gemini, is growing to transition from Gemini to the 9th house. This year you will breathe easy, freed by Shanice Dyer. This Saturn transit in your lucky house gives you the chance to travel far. A long journey brings a chance of success in your life. These rides can also make you feel tired and uncomfortable, but you need to create a comfortable environment so that you don't get too tired. Your relationship with your father will be affected and this time it will be bad for his health. Working hard gives you a chance to shape your future, so the harder you work, the more fruitful this time. Don't forget that you can. Job transfer is possible. You may have more income, but you will have to work harder for it. This is a good time to take a business risk. You will have less debt, work harder to reduce it and you will succeed. Also, you will have to kill the enemy.


According to Saturn Transit 2023, Saturn is the possessive planet of the 7th and 8th houses of Cancer, transiting from Cancer into the 8th house. This year you will get the effect of Kantak Shani diamonds. You get the chance to help your in-laws. There are some challenges in the job, but if you do your best, you can succeed. In addition to the pressure of work, there is also mental stress, but with diligence and smarts you can get out of any problem. There is an opportunity for sudden cash wins. You may get money or other sources of happiness from your in-laws. You will have some insecurities related to your child.Romantic relationships have their ups and downs. Students will feel the need to work hard for their education. You can take some of your problems seriously and get out of them by making big decisions.You have the opportunity to move from your current job to a better one.


Saturn is the owner of the 6th and 7th house in the transition of Leo to the 7th house. You will feel very organized in your marriage, but you should avoid any kind of domineering nature or autocratic attitude. Otherwise, your marriage may be damaged.You can get the support of your life partner and start a new company together. There is a chance for business success, and efficiency in work brings success. You may be traveling long distances for work. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy traveling with your life partner, including exploring these travel destinations. It is very important not to keep yourself busy or careless about your health. You think about yourself and put a lot of effort into expressing your good character.There is a tense atmosphere in family life, but you have to do something for your family and their happiness. not. Household expenses may increase. In addition, you can carry out or plan construction at home.


According to the Saturn transit predictions for 2023, Saturn, the possessing planet of the 5th and 6th houses, transits from Virgo into the 6th house. This period will be difficult for your opponents, as the presence of Saturn here makes you stronger and allows you to defeat your opponents no matter how hard they try. During this time, you have to manage your debt. Saturn here tells us that we shouldn't take out loans unless there is a need and major financial problems. This position of Saturn is very helpful in your work. You become an expert at your job and your position at work is strengthened. During this time, working too hard to stabilize the financial situation can lead to physical problems. There may be opportunities to travel abroad, and there will be additional costs for a little more emotional stability. We must try to maintain good relations with our brothers and sisters. A short trip puts you to the test. Be careful not to fight with your friends.


Saturn rules the 4th and 5th houses of Libra, and moves from Libra to the 5th house. This year, the effect of your Shani diamond is completely over and you are relieved. Saturn transits in the 5th house will be a time of testing for romantic relationships. If you are sincere and sincere in your relationship, your relationship will be very beautiful and you will have the opportunity to be loved and loved by your lover. Otherwise, the tension in the relationship will increase. According to your Saturn transit horoscope for 2023, students will face challenges in their studies, but if they study regularly and schedule, they will be able to achieve their achievements. During this time, you will make every effort to maintain your child's discipline. This is also a good time to get married. If you like someone and want to marry him, you will succeed during this period and a love marriage will be established. The love in the marriage will also increase, and it will be a situation where financial benefits can be obtained. You will be happy because your income will increase and your desires can be fulfilled.


Saturn rules the 3rd and 4th houses of Scorpio and moves out of Scorpio into the 4th house. This year, the diamond hour begins with the transit of Saturn in Aquarius. Due to the influence of Saturn in the 4th house, the distance between you and your family is getting closer. I need to change my current place of residence and can move from there. This may be the time to be away from your family, so you'll be feeling a little emotional and spiritual too. Family and home concerns will strain you and you will find out how to meet all your family's needs. You can apply for a bank loan to build a house and you will be successful.

During this time, conduct thorough legal research before purchasing any property. Your mother's health may deteriorate, so please take care of her health. This period brings success in your career, you work hard and can be a workaholic. You may complain about increased physical fatigue and weakness, but you will be able to put in the effort and reap the benefits.


Saturn is the owner planet of the 2nd and 3rd houses in Sagittarius and transitions from Sagittarius into the 3rd house. Your sadesati is completely over and you are relieved. Also, Saturn transiting in the 3rd house is in his zodiac, and this zodiac shift is an add-on for you. Whatever you want to do, you can do it with determination and succeed. Everyone will help you in your work: friends, neighbors, relatives, brothers. When I work, I have full support from my colleagues in the office, and through them I can get a good position in the workplace. Your courage and power will grow. You can successfully increase the expected growth of your business by increasing your propensity to take risks in your business as well. There will also be love fulfillment. You are willing to push the boundaries for your love and love them passionately. This time is beneficial for your children. Students also achieve good results in education and their efforts pay off. Long and short trips can continue and benefit from year-round travel. There is also the possibility of being transferred overseas.


In Capricorn, Capricorn's owner planet Saturn in the 2nd house moves from Capricorn to the 2nd house. The second stage of Shani Sade Sati ends and the third and final stage begins. Transiting Saturn in your second house can have mixed results. Your family is in a tense environment and your family feels a little disorganized, but with effort you can handle any situation well. Your financial situation will start to get stronger. No matter what hard work you have done in the past, you will get the best results during this period and your bank balance will start to stabilize. Wealth can be accumulated. You can also make a profit by buying and selling real estate. You limit yourself to meeting the needs of your family, so your status in front of them is elevated. Although we can get along and help out when needed. During this period, their social status also increases. You need to invest wisely in your business so that you can get a good position at work.


Saturn, owner planet of the 12th and 1st houses in Aquarius, transits only Aquarius. The first phase of Shani Sade Sati for the Aquarius Natives is over and the second phase is about to begin. With the influence of Saturn in your zodiac sign, you need to steer your actions in the right direction. Anyone can be successful if they work hard in their field, don't expect too much, and focus on doing good work. The more effort you put in, the better the results. This time will be very good for your career. If you do business, it will spread. You can also succeed in international business. It will improve your status at work and improve your personality. She has a strong personality and a stable job. This makes you feel very comfortable. A sibling's cooperation is with you, but some physical problem can plague them. This is not a very good time for marriage and work may require you to be away from your spouse for a while, but you can make the most of this time by creating mutual harmony in your relationship.


Saturn, the ruling planet of the 11th and 12th houses, transitioning into Pisces in 2023, will transition from Pisces to the 12th house. The first stage of Sadesati begins for Pisces natives. With Saturn transiting the 12th house, special attention should be paid to your health. During this transit of Saturn, you may experience sore feet, sore ankles, or any kind of foot injury or sprain. I have. Please be a little more careful. During this time, you will become more lazy and sleep more, but you need to stay away from laziness and focus on your work. If you're planning a trip abroad, now is the perfect time to start planning. You can get a good position by going abroad. Expenditures increase enormously, and a considerable amount can also be spent on the health of those closest to you. You may have a chance to get more forex from foreign trade. Money has to be spent on opponents and court issues. Only then will victory be yours. At this time of year, I have to plan long trips, and many trips are against my will and emotionally stressful. Choosing the right path becomes very important.

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