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Astrologer Krishna Tulasi

Astrologer Krishna Tulasi is an internationally acclaimed Vedic Astrologer with a career spanning nearly four decades. He has carved out a reputation for providing reliable, responsive, and highly accurate astrological guidance. A master in the fields of Astrology, Numerology, Hypnotism and Vaastu Shastra, Krishna Tulasi is more than just a practitioner; he is a spiritual soul deeply rooted in the traditions and rituals that define these ancient sciences. His unwavering faith in prayers, rituals, and mantras sets him apart as not just an astrologer, but as a guide for those seeking to find balance, peace, and prosperity in their lives. His predictions are not just precise; they offer actionable insights that have made him an invaluable resource for people from all walks of life, globally.

Parallel to his contributions in the Astrological domain, Krishna Tulasi has also made a remarkable impact in the realm of space science as a Space Scientist. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, he served at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), where he played a pivotal role in various groundbreaking initiatives. His expertise was crucial in the development of cutting-edge spacecraft components and mission-critical technologies. Whether contributing to the blueprint of high-stakes space missions or participating in advanced research that pushed the frontiers of space exploration, his work at ISRO has been characterized by excellence and innovation, earning him multiple laurels.

This unique blend of spiritual wisdom and scientific acumen makes Krishna Tulasi a multidimensional personality, sought after for his comprehensive approach to human well-being, while contributing significantly to both the spiritual and scientific communities.

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