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Exalted Venus - 3 Postulates

The 3 Postulates

Postulate 1:

In the natural zodiac Venus is the 2nd and 7th lord. 2nd is Kutumb (own family) and 7th is spouse. Venus gets her exaltation in Pisces the 12th house from Aries. When Venus is placed in Pisces she is doubly powerful to destroy the two Bhavas ruled by her. Hence, Venus in Pisces often leads to discordial marriage life if other factors supports.

Postulate 2:

Jupiter the depositor of Venus is also an important factor as 12th lord of natural zodiac.

With Venus in Pisces when Jupiter also establishes a connection with either Venus or ascendant or 2nd house chaotic situation is created in Marriage or it is totally denied.

Postulate 3:

Saturn’s aspects to exalted Venus, adds conformity to the whole deal of discord or


Memorize these are the 3 Postulates that you have to double check when you see Venus in

Pisces in any chart.

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