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Panch Mahapurusha Yoga

Updated: Jan 25

5 types of Panch Mahapurusha yoga is formed when any of Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn is placed in kendra in own house, exaltation.

  1. All this Five Yoga is know as Panch Mahapurush Yoga.

  2. The best Yoga is formed in Exaltation, then Mooltrikona and after that own sign.

  3. The Yoga making planet is not associated with debilitating planet, combust or malefic planet.

  4. We have to see above Yoga from both lagna or Moon. If both lagna and Moon horoscopes has above Panch Mahapurush Yoga then it will gives awesome prosperity, power and Position.

  5. If any one planet is making Panch Mahapurush Yoga then native is fortunate, if 2 then he will equal to king, if 3 then he will be king, if 4 then he may be king upon king, if 5 then he is king of whole world.

  6. We must also consider desh, kaal, pratha. For example, a person born in rich family then single Panch mahapurush yoga can make him a king.

  7. If planet has more than 4 Av and more than 30 Sav then above yoga will gives awesome results.

  8. If planet will be placed in vashesik amsa means GOPUR or more than GOPUR then above yoga will make him a king or equal to king.

Ruchaka Yoga When Mars placed in own house, exaltation or Mooltrikona sign in kendra house, then it formed Ruchaka Yoga.

Effect of Ruchaka Yoga

The person born with Ruchaka yoga has broad face. He may earn lots of money with own braveness and courageous. He may be very brave and full with physical strength. He will destroy all his enemies by own power. He may be arrogant or full with ego. He will be famous for his qualities. He may be leader of army and always getting victory.

Bhadra Yoga

When Mercury is placed in own house or exaltation sign in kendra, then Bhadra Yoga is formed.

Effect of Bhadra Yoga When Bhadra Yoga is formed in horoscopes, native may be long lived. He has sharp intelegency. He has pure from intelegency and pure in looking also. He may getting blessings by learned person. He may has become great landlord. He has awesome prosperity. He may has unique position among community due to his excellent speech.

Hamsa Yoga

When Jupiter in Kendra house in own sign, or exaltation then Hamsa Yoga is formed.

Effect of Hamsa Yoga

When Hamsa Yoga in horoscopes, Native will be getting awesome honor by best people. He may be king. His hand and feet has mark of sankh, Kamal, fish or ankush. He will be looking auspicious. He may eats sweet and delicious foods. He may be religious by nature.

Malavya Yoga

When Venus in Kendra in own house or exaltation, then Malavya Yoga is formed.

Effect of Malavya Yoga

When Malavya Yoga is formed in horoscope, Native will has very attractive and healthy Physique. He may be very passionate. He may be rich. He may be fortunate regarding children and wife. He has also very good fortune. He will be always getting growth in his prosperity. He may has happiness of servants. He has happiness of vehicle and fame. He may be Scholar. He may getting all sorts of happiness or desires.

Sasa Yoga

When Saturn is placed in own house or exaltation in Kendra, then Sasa Yoga is formed.

Effect of Sasa Yoga

The native with Sasa may gets blessings by all. He has very good happiness of servants. He may has very good physical strength. He may be head or king of village. He may be wicked by nature or lazy in nature. He may be associated with others women or wealth. He may have very good materialistic happiness.

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